Pet Insurance

Cat and Dog Boarding with the Southern Animal Group

Marion Animal Hospital and Plympton Veterinary Clinic offer boarding services every day of the year.

  • All dogs are walked at least twice daily and all animals are given an examination by a veterinary staff member on admission.
  • All cats are allowed free play time at least twice a day within an enclosed area.

Please let us know if there are any special dietary or care requirements for your pet during their stay.

Pets with ongoing health care requirements, such as diabetes, and pets on daily medications, can be catered for.

Before booking your pet in, please check their vaccination records to make sure they have been vaccinated within the past 12 months (C5 vaccination for dogs, F3 for cats). If your pet's vaccinations have lapsed, we do require your pet is vaccinated at least 2 weeks before the start of their boarding period.  We require proof of current vaccination (eg certificates) prior to or on arrival for boarding.  Worming and flea prevention are also encouraged.

You are welcome to bring any creature comforts from home such as toys, bedding and food to help ensure your pet feels at home as possible, along with any medications or prescription diets your pet requires.

Please give us a call early to book your pet in for boarding during school and public holidays, our spaces are strictly limited and holiday periods book up quickly.



Please direct all enquiries to our friendly staff at Marion on 8277 3733 or Plympton at 8293 6855.