Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming at the Southern Animal Hospital Group

Seaford Vet Clinic and Plympton Vet Clinic offer grooming services.

We accept dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes, and some cats (depending on temperament!).  Whether it's a stylish cut or a wash to freshen up, we are happy to assist with your pet's grooming needs.

  • Grooming sessions are strictly by appointment only. Please let our friendly staff know you would like your pet to be groomed and if there are any special requests.
  • All pets will receive a free treat for good behaviour after their groom.
  • Warm hydrobath and blow dry.
  • Medicated shampoos are available.
  • Unique or breed specific clips can be done on request.
  • Nails trimmed with every groom.
  • Sedation available if needed.
  • Accessories available (bows etc.)

Our prices for grooming are as follows:

Wash & Dry

  • Small 0-10kg: $30
  • Medium 11-25kg: $40
  • Large 26+kg: $55-75

Wash, Dry & Clip

  • Small 0-10kg: $50
  • Medium 11-25kg: $70
  • Large 26+kg: $90-120

Cat Grooming

  • Clip Out Knots: $50
  • Clip All Over: $90 + Sedation or Anaesthesia (often required)


Please direct all enquiries to our friendly staff at Seaford on 8327 2252 or Plympton on 8293 6855.