CT Scanner

In January 2017 we installed our new CT Scanner.  This means we no longer have to refer your pet across town for Veterinary CT Scans.  Our scanner is world class and would be completely at home in the world's best human hospitals.

We can provide CT Scan services for your pet even if you are not a client of ours. Our CT scans are performed by a veterinarian and qualified radiographer.  After the CT is performed we send your pet’s images to a specialist radiologist who will then write a report and send it to us within 24 hours.  This report is included in the cost of the CT scan (and gives you peace of mind knowing the a specialist has reviewed the CT scan).

Our machine is a 16 slice scanner capable of obtaining image slices to less than 1mm thick for accuracy. It is also capable of doing 3D reconstructions.

CT uses similar technology as xrays to produce images which allow 3-dimensional imaging of the area of interest.  CT scans are predominantly used for the investigation of bone injury, complicated joint injuries, the nose, lungs, chest, some abdominal organs, and some cancers. CT Scans require a short general anaesthesia to ensure the patient does not move during the image aquisition.

​CT is not the same as MRI which uses sound waves and magnets to generate the images and is most useful for the brain, spinal cord, intervertebral discs and some soft tissues.



  • Diagnosing the type of arthritic and degenerative changes occuring in the spinal column.
  • Head CT Scans – for diagnosing space occcupying lesions in the brain
  • Chest imaging – CT scans provide far more detailed images than X-Rays
  • 3D reconstruction of fractures for orthopaedic repair
  • Developmental bone diseases – e.g. FCP in elbow dysplasia in Dogs. (This is often poorly diagnosed from X-Rays alone.)
  • Bone cancers e.g. Osteosarcoma
  • Staging for spread of cancers prior to treatment


For enquiries about our CT services and pricing, please contact us via email or call Southern Animal Hospital on 8382 3666.